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Please join me the weekend of February 10-11 for my first official open studio in Ridgewood, Queens. I will be showing/discussing an in-progress, yet to be exhibited sculpture series, some older works that are still in studio, and just in time for Valentine's Day (if you're into that sort of thing), I am previewing my first batch of Mini's - small beaded collectibles that are affordable, accessible, gift-able for those of us who aren't quite on the diamonds and pearls tier yet.



"Process and Delight, the new P&D"

Group Exhibition, Equity Gallery, 11/9/23 - 12/2/23

245 Broome St, NY, NY


In an ongoing series of beaded sculptures I am thinking of luxury as escapism in times of existential crisis. This collection, first designed in early 2020, connects to the bulk of my work in that it references a personal story of abuse from childhood while using sparkling aesthetics to soften a horrifying image. Signifiers of status from the wealthy community where I grew up combined with specific materials and techniques often used in trades that exploit children while enriching the already rich show how displays of power and glamour can act to gloss over the atrocities we don't want others to see, or that we don't want to look at ourselves.

With many other elements, research, stories built into this project. Please contact me if interested in a studio visit (in person or virtual) to learn more.

**and you can always visit my Instagram Page for extra images of new and in-progress work**

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